Trident Safety Group

Trident Safety Group was formed in 1990 as a leading safety signs and labels service provider. Having operated in this market for over 15 years it has gained extensive knowledge in the regulatory and legislative requirements that companies need to implement to remain compliant to Health & Safety and Dangerous Goods Handling and Shipping legislation.


Trident Safety is the preferred partner in Safety Compliance and Dangerous Goods Packaging for many of Ireland's leading companies and it is our mission to provide you with expert solutions that help you meet all regulatory requirements.


Trident Safety is the leading expert in all Safety Regulations and Dangerous Goods Packaging requirements. Trident Safety Group's products and services are designed to ensure compliance to all international standards.

  • Trident Safety is the leading Safety & Identification Products manufacturer.


  • Trident Safety is a market leader in specialised packaging solutions for shipping through road, sea and air.


  • Trident Safety RePack services will Pack, Label and Document your Dangerous Goods shipments.


  • Trident Safety Turnkey Packaging Solutions offer custom UN approved packaging designed specifically for your products and shipping environment.


  • Trident Safety is your complete Dangerous Goods compliance partner.


Trident Safety Group

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