GHS Labels


The GHS (Globally Harmonized System) will enable a reclassification and labelling of chemicals (mixtures and substances) with respect to its hazardous properties. The aim of the proposed regulation is to achieve a system of chemical classification and labelling that is recognised worldwide.

GHS is the harmonised criteria for the classification of substances and mixtures according to their physical, health and environmental hazards; and the harmonised hazard communication elements(including requirements for labels and MSDS).


The date for harmonized classification will apply from 21st January 2009.

The deadline for substances classification based on the GHS is currently 30th. November 2010.

The deadline for mixtures classification based on the GHS is currently 31st. May 2015.

The current classification systems will be repealed 1st. June 2015.




Please note that the new Globally Harmonised System will not simply replace the current labelling system. All substances and preparations (mixtures) will have to be reclassified and new safety information and datasheets made available before determining which labels should be used on your products.

Trident Safety can advise on your implementation requirements.