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S*A*F*E* is an innovative and cost effective way of providing on-going safety education to employees that gets them talking about the safety issues they face at work.

Everything a manager or team leader needs to deliver an effective safety awareness session within a team meeting is included in S*A*F*E*:


Presenters’ notes

A complete step by step guide to

running a productive safety meeting.

Space is included for an attendance

register and to add notes about the

hazards specific to their workplace.

In a world were time matters, these

safety meeting outlines really help

keep the meeting on schedule,

and on topic.

Employee scratch quiz card

Assessment Cards

These simple assessment cards

make sure that everyone was paying

attention. When completed they prove

whether participants understood the

important health and safety messages

they have heard.

These cards can also be used to

prompt an initial discussion at the

start of a safety briefing, by showing

people what they don’t know.


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Employee pocket sized 

Reminder Cards

Everyone needs a reminder every so often.

These handy reminder cards include

all the important health and safety information

your employees need. As well as a copy

of your chosen poster image on the front.

Just the right size to fit in a shirt or overall pocket

S*A*F*E* Program

S*A*F*E* is supported with two types of

posters and employee materials; a classic

range and a special range that features

Homer Simpson and the rest of

Springfield’s’ finest from the hit television

series The Simpsons™.



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